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    4/3 West Lotus 4sale

    West Lotus 4/3 size LARGE. Glued seams, chest zip, 4 years old, used, but some life left in it. Perfect for someone who wants to try surfing past their 3/2. Has 2 rips I sewed and then used wetsuit repair cement over the repair. Very warm suit, I actually surfed all winter in it 2 years ago (yes that brutal cold winter). All I needed was a 1mm hooded vest vest under it and was good to go. Selling because last 2 years I picked up new 4/3 as well as 5mm. I take care of my suits, always rinse after every use and then fan dry. $50 and its yours, in Ocean Twp NJ.

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    hey i pm'ed you.

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    757 got your pm it and replied. just to set expectations for anyone interested, this would be good 'back up' suit or good for someone trying to extend their surfing into the colder months. i repaired 2 rips on the chest seam, but odds are after 4-5 sessions your going to have to re-enforce the repair - at least that is my best guess from my experience doing wetsuit rip/tear/hole repairs.