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    NoFog Anti-Fog Inserts for GoPro $8 Free Shipping

    Get them at: or on ebay at:
    • 10 Reusable Inserts
    • Work with GoPro Hero3, Hero2 and Hero cameras
    • Free Shipping US, mailed the day you order ($1.50 international)
    What They Do
    NoFog Inserts are a generic Anti-Fog Insert for GoPro camera lenses. They drop into the sides of GoPro housings to prevent fogging in cold and humid environments.
    How They Work
    NoFog Inserts are made of anti-fogging adsorbent clean silica paper. They are the same concept and material as what GoPro sells, but at a fraction of the cost!
    Who Can Use
    NoFog Inserts work with GoPro HD Hero3*, Hero2, and Hero cameras. Any camera that is enclosed in a separate housing can use NoFog Inserts.*Hero3 owners must split the NoFog Inserts to fit the new thinner housing, with scissors or peel with just your hands. This means you get 20 Inserts for the price of 10!

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    Thank You for can also check c-clear anti fog product's