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    Monmouth County Sewage spill?

    Does anyone know about this? Its so nice im tempted to grab the longboard until I read thesurfersview website:

    " If you have yet to be informed, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has detected dangerous levels of sewage in the bay from a wastewater plant spill in Sayreville, NJ, and can very well impact surfing beaches in Northern Monmouth County and points south. It is advised, if you do surf in these areas, you take a moment to realize how dangerous to your health this can be if exposed to such contamination."

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    Water monitoring results in New York Harbor and Newark Bay show very high levels of bacteria. Results are here...

    Water monitoring results for ocean bathing beaches in Monmouth County have come back consistently safe. November 19th sampling results are here...
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    thanks - i was confused to see that today, thought there was another spill

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    the Passaic Valley sewage treatment plant (the 5th largest one in the country) was wrecked and not able to even begin to start treating sewage until 10 days after Sandy and is still not close to all the way back up to speed. SO what that means is that every dump and piss taken by every one of every one of about 3 million residents of North Jersey was released into Newark bay for at least 10 days.