Nev Hyman (Nev Surfboard originally) is a really good shaper, who btw is the owner/original shaper of Firewire..when he first made Firewire boards they were shaped by they are Chinese pop-outs and in no shape or form made to suit any one certain person...they are made like a "sandwich" with specs a surf shop orders depending on the demographics of the area they are in. For example, whatever board sizes and models sell best in the area, are the boards the shop is going to order and push so they can make money. Bert Berger was the innovator of firewire technology, which was originally designed for high performance longboards with a lot of rocker. The idea was to increase strength and flexibility without adding weight, so to allow nose-riding on waves...the design allowed flexibility which allowed nose-riding, the board to flexed when riding waves from a lot of rocker to flattening out making it easy to nose-ride. AGAIN this design was meant for longboards..when the design was put to use on shortboards..Bert Berger pulled out, because this design is not meant for shortboards..due to the reasons mentioned above.