I definitely prefer the Swellinfo models to the Magicseaweed models. Take my home area (southern NC) for example. The Bogue Pier (Emerald Isle) models are grossly inflated (every day over 5ft- I wish!) while the Oceanic Pier (Wrightsville Beach) models are usually smaller than they should be.

I think, however, that the MSW is a bit easier to read. The 'detailed' summery makes a nice chart that shows the swell hight, swell period, swell direction, wind speed, and wind direction every 3 hours. Its easier to determine the wind and swell direction this chart vice the large area maps that you provide. Of course, it doesn't matter if its easy to read if its not accurate. I usually use a combination of the two.

I hope this helps if you ever decide to redesign the site. Your forecasts are better, but the MSW gives easier to read (but often inaccurate) information.

One thing i would like you to bring back- the 'Hot Spot" that used to be on the right column of the homepage. Its cool to see who's catching it big while your stuck in a flat spell.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say thank you for this site and all of your hard work.