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    Robert's east coast dealer

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Robert's White Diamond? Preferably in Va Beach? I'd really like to see and hold one before ordering. Many thanks.

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    I am in Jersey but there are a few places here. If you go to Roberts website you should be able to see the dealer locator and see shops by you if any. Just an FYI i got the White Diamond this past summer and it is my favorite board. I'm 5'9 ish about 155lbs and I got the 5'8''. Takes a little getting used to on take offs if your used to riding conventional shorties. Such a fun board though. It's FAST, easy to whip around and still holds in head high surf.

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    I know Brave New World in NJ is a Roberts dealer

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    Chaunceys Surf shop in oc md is a dealer. I work there and we have a lot of different models and sizes, we have the white diamond in 5'5", 5'8" and 5'10" we can also meet you.

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    The Pit in Kill Devils Hills has Roberts on the racks, I dont know of anyone in VB. WRV has their crap, Coastal Edge has lost and CI's so does 17th, Freedom has some random boards, and Whalebone (at least down south) has Lost, Firewires, CIs, some JS etc. Juice Box carries DHDs.
    Tommy Moore has the Tweaker model which is very much like the White Daimond , it has single concave with a low entry rocker and excelerated tail rocker in the last 12" short wide and thicker stick and I rode one for about a year. Unfortunaately it was stolen. I liked it , i liked the advantage of shorter wider board for average daysbut didnt love it.
    I just got a new Tommy Moore board for R&D, its called the Milo. It has a continous outline curve, low entry and tail rocker, really low, a straight single concave with a bit of VEE right of the tail , and instead of a really wide tail, the contious curve allows for a smaller width tail
    The T. Moore Tweaker, Roberts White Daimond, Dumpster Divers, etc have really wide tails so the added tail rocker helps the board turn more vertical in the pocket. This makes these boards sweet spots smaller to me, unless you surf primarily off your back foot. I am more front foot surfer so the tail rocker really felt sort of see-sawish if that makes since. The Roberts WD, Diver, Tweaker also have really full rails, which is needed for volume and float but obviously harder to bury in turns. The Milo has tons of volume in it like a Dumpster Diver and White Diamond, but the deck is slightly domed so the rails are more of a performance rail. The Milo is trying to blend the advantages of the shorter wider board into a stick that has a better performance aspect for east coast shaped waves.
    California waist to chest high can be steeper and have more pocket to the wave which is what the WD and Diver were designed for originally, our wasit to chest as you know is more of a raked out face more mush to it. The Milo' flatter tail rocker, should add more drive, but the continous outline curve , lower rail, and smaller width tail should allow more performance to go along with the added drive of lower rocker and a straight single concave
    I know you a familar with a Round Nose Fish, the classic lost version, how its more a performance small wave board than a grovel board. To ssee how the RNF and Milo compare
    RNF dims 5'-5' x 19- 1/4" x 26.5 L in volume
    The Milo is 5'-8" x 19-3/8" x 2-3/8" x 26.5 L in volume.
    The Milo is 3 inches longer, an 1/8" wider and the same thcikness as my RNF but due to the outline and how the Rail is lower it carries the same volume as the fish. Here's the pic of the Milo, this is a new R&D model I just picked it up so no test rides on it yet.

    Honestly if you surf off the back foot the White Diamond will probably work well for you, if you surf more off the front foot that extra tail rocker might not be your thing. I'm just trying to help you out, because I ordered my Tweaker due to the hype of the White Diamond and I like my Tweaker but would not order another one due to the extra tail rocker.<br /><br />Good luck in the board hunt man.
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    Got a 6'0 White Diamond........maybe a little big but I am looking to get rid of it. I am in Long Island

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    Freedom in Va Beach has Roberts boards.

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    If you use Robert's store locator it says Freedom Surf sells them. I would just call the shops and see if they sell them.

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    Hey Lee... I'm in VB and have a 6'2" Roberts "The Lip" that is nearly brand new. I really like the board, but it's overlapping too much with a couple other boards I have. I'd been willing to part with it if someone was enthusiastic about it. Do I recall that you're a bigger bloke like myself? The board has plenty of float and speed for my 6'4" 200lb frame.

    Hit me up via PM if interested!