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    Quote Originally Posted by foamdust View Post
    Bullsh!t... I own a 3/2 flash bomb and the only thing that is completely dry in 1.5hrs is the flash dry liner. The neoprene inside and out takes just as long as any other suit.

    It's a great suit with two issues. 1. don't believe the hype about having a dry suit. You will have a dry liner in a half hour that will make putting the suit back on easier, but you wont have a DRY suit. 2. The flash liner makes the suit a tad bit heavier than other suits with more typical liners. 3. Chest zip zips the wrong direction. Leave it to the Aussies to do it backwards.

    The pro's are 1. easier to put back on with the dry liner. 2. The flash dry liner is comfy and adds a touch of warmth vs typical liners. 3. The E3 neoprene is great stuff, super stretchy.

    If you are the type of person who spends all day the beach doing multiple sessions, or you surf before and after work and don't have a place to dry your suit, it's a great suit. Otherwise stick to an E-bomb or something else.
    Thank you for some actual information instead of marketing hype. I'm still trying to figure out the "completely changes winter surfing" comment. (Does the dry liner have a barrel magnet?) I'm pretty skeptical about the quick dry hype. I've got two xcel 4/3 wetsuits... one is two years old and the other is brand new with "quick dry fibers". I've been using both of them this fall, and can't tell any difference in how quickly they dry, and actually don't care that much as long as I'm warm in the water.

    I agree about the rip curl neoprene by the way...that stuff is from heaven.
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