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  1. 6'1" Epoxy Al Merrick Flyer

    I'm going to Costa Rica and I cant bring my board and the best one for me that they have to offer at the surf shops near me is a 6'1" Epoxy Al Merrick Flyer. I normally ride a Fiberglass 6'0" JS Electro. Is it gonna be hard for me to adjust to it or duck dive it compared to what i'm used to

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    no, just more volume when paddling (faster)

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    I've had to work with MUCH worse while traveling. There is nothing like charging point break perfection on a funboard with a big green flower on the nose... and still having a great session. Surf lots of boards, it's good for you.

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    Where in Costa Rica are you staying? I stayed in Tamarindo and rented a Flyer around that size. I am going back in March to another area and bringing my own boards.

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    Dude if you can't duck dive that board you may want to stay out of the heavy stuff. I'm not bragging but I can duck dive my 7' funboard... I weight 145#. Have fun in CR and check out the volcano, sick!