First of all let me state "Please realize this is fictional, I know this will never happen". There are tons of logistics that would make this impossible, first of all the EPA would never allow it to happen.
Anyway here is my "fantasy" proposal to protect the small strip of barrier island that we as surfer's love so much.

The aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower is getting decommissioned as we speak. Once the Navy removes the Nuclear propulsion they will be scrapping her, I say lets take her down to Rodanthe , position her off the beach and make a huge jetty right at Mirlo Beach. The carrier is some 800 foot long and large enough that with a bit of bracing and some dredging we can bury part of the lower half of the Hull under the ocean floor.

This new aircraft carrier Jetty will protect that vulnerable part of Highway 12 from storm swell from the Southeast. This will also create a huge right point break. That southeast swell will wrap around the forward end of the Eisenhower and jsut peel 200' barrels (this is fantasy remember). They can turn the Deck House area of the carrier into a 4 level 360* view resturant, the Galley on a carrier is huge so you already have a massive kitchen.
They can use the flight deck as the parking lot, build an entrance to her flight deck right off of Highway 12. They can use the catwalks (8 foot wide platforms that run the length of the flight deck under each side) as covered fishing piers. This would keep fisherman out of direct sunlight overhead, ansd allow them to fish in the rain. They can turn the forward end of the Flight Deck into a driving range, theres no golf south of Nags Head, they can hit biodegrable reduce flight golf balls into the ocean. The Eisenhower is already equiped with tons of Officer Stateroom and Heads. We could turn these Staterooms into Hotel rooms. We can add wind generators like at Jeanettes peir to power the entire operation.
We can turn Hangar Bay 1 (where a carrier stores planes) with her 40' ceilings into a indoor skate park. Hangar Bay 2 into a Concert Venue, using the aircraft elevator as a sick stage.

* This is fictional, its to provoke thought and let us all day dream of the perfect right. A south wind protecting Jetty thats 800 foot olong at the best spot for surf on teh east coast. Can you imagine if the government actually used resources we already have to create something to save the coast line of one of the most prescious strips of land in the US