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Are you against all park user fees, public golf course fees, public parking lot fees etc? Whats wrong with making the actual USERS of a publicly funded amenity like a beach or park pay a slightly higher amount of the maintenance than the general public? I dont see anything wrong with state/local taxes providing some of the support (we all benefit to some extent from the economic activity provided by beaches and tourism, and then the direct users (beach goers) adding another layer of support since they have actually chosen to go use the beach.

Completely flat funded state tax support of beachs, especially beaches with expensive parking permit systems for non-owners, limited access beaches that (while technically open to the public) but where the amount of available parking or restrooms means the vast majorit of users are local property owners/renters seems to me a bit of a skewed funding mechanism.
Yep, I'm against user fees. I shouldn't have to pay every time I want to go surfing. Some things in life should be free. The beach communities already rape the public with all the exorbitant hotel fees, high cost of food and everything else they can charge for only at the beach. You guys even have pay to use toilets. Geeeez!
Once again, NJ is the only state that has beach tags. What I think is back east they think the beach is for vacations, whereas here on the west coast it's a lifestyle, a daily, or weekly occurrence.