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    can we keep the comments short please

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Anobody know who this guy's local congressman is? Betty maybe? Is there a petition to send his legislators demanding the state department take immediate action?
    U.S. senator Bill Nelson. Florida, who has plenty of seniority as he has been in Congress forever. Here is a link I found for a petition
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    yep. contact those legislators.

    PS--I sleep VERY soundly at night know this is beside my bed (new xmas present)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ukelelesurf View Post
    Lots of shift talking going on here both ways. Here is my take.

    The dude should obviously be a priority for the us gov. Make no mistake about it, our soldiers along with police, fire man, teachers, etc are our real modern day heroes. It's a shame that more is not being done to free this young man.

    As far as going to Mexico and needing a gun, that IMO is not a good decision. Nothing good can come out of it. So you get pulled over by pinche ladrones and you are gonna have an ok corral moment? Three things will happen. 1) most likely you end up getting shot. 2 you both shoot each other. 3 you shoot the guy......and then what happens? You go to jail or get shot by the notoriously corrupt Mexican police. All for what? tosave aa few hundred dollars and not lose face?Lose
    Lose lose. T He real response to getting robbed in Mexico is to give them whatever they want and move on.....and keep your life.
    There are clearly a lot of responses on here from people who have never really traveled in Mexico....and I don't mean the Mayan riviera. Yes, the border is extremely sketchy at the moment but the truth of the matter is the majority of Mexico is very safe....stay out of the five or six major cartel hot spots dont buy drugs and only travel during daylight and you will be fine. How do I know this? I have traveled all over Mexico ...almost every state. Just spent 6weekos there this summer...traveling by local bus the entire wAy. In fact, when you consider the insane amount of armed murder going on in cities like Chicago, l a etc, you realize mex is not any less safe than many parts of the states.
    To the people calling the entire country a s hole and berating the Mexican people, well frankly there is no time for that racist bs on this forum. You are ignorant and sound quite short sighted. And cool, please bypass mex nick etc and go to your surf camp in Costa Rica. We don't need you in the waves's amazing how many people are afraid to sac up and have a real adventure
    Finally, to the guy that is afraid to go anywhere without a my friend, need to consider getting some help.
    Well said.

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    Sorry, I'm the biggest offender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petesmith View Post
    can we keep the comments short please
    My bad on the rambles.

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    I feel bad for the guy having to suffer in a Mexican jail, but he should have done his research BEFORE he crossed the border, better yet, not even bring a gun, even if he knew it was a gray area it is another excuse for the corrupt police to throw him in jail. To rely on the US border agent when he is entering Mexico. It's not the border agent's job to know Mexican law.

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    Don't let this PETITION get lost on page 7 with all the dumb ramblings that have plagued this thread.

    Remember the issue at hand and don't be too lazy to register an account and sign the petition, and link it to Facebook.


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    According to a Surfline article LCpl Jon Hammer will have a hearing tomorrow, Friday the 21st. That is, if he's not doubly screwed by the end of the world.

    Can't wait to hear his story about what he went through down there. In the meantime, sending good thoughts because this guy doesn't deserve to be locked up. He should have left his grandfather's gun at home and purchased, in Mexico, one of the guns the ATF sent across the border in their Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal.

    Nice to see the petition has exceeded the 25,000 required signatures. Come home soon bro.

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    i've never seen a single shot 410 that was over 24''. this was a 40 year old sears gun. you are right though, a good dove gun would be a 26'' 12 gauge with an improved choke.