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    I'm shocked he's been there for 4 months and there's been little or no public outcry! It sounds like it's time to cut off the millions in aide, tell US citizens not to go to Cozumel, Acapulco or any other Mexican tourist spot and then build or own Great Wall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no6rider89 View Post
    i bet you would want a gun in a situation like this one....

    guns dont kill people, people kill people.
    Ha, pulling a gun out in a situation like that will get you killed quick. You don't want to scare a dude with nothing to lose who's pointing a gun at you.

    In the US, people who carry a gun are 3 times as likely to get shot during a robbery as someone who does not.

    I personally, would never travel anywhere that I felt required carrying a firearm, there's just way too many safe, awesome places on the planet.

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    A real bummer for sure.A lot of killing going on down there with weapons, I assume a lot more dangerous than a shotgun. My take is going to Mexico with any gun is a lose lose for you. If you shoot someone down there being from America someone will kill you in short order I am sure. I love being armed as often as possible here in the U.S. With consistent practice firearms are a good tool to protect your life. I wont go to Massachusetts,New york or New Jersey unless I have to. Maybe someday those places will have better CCW permits. Mexico I wont go for any reason whatsoever. Mexico could make so much money if they protected tourists.I hope this military gentlemen can escape unharmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    This isn't the first place I've seen this story, it made Drudge a couple of days ago. It really sucks and I feel for the guy; but there are two questions which came to my mind the first time I read it:

    1) If they were going to Costa Rica, why were they driving through Mexico?
    2) Why was he bringing a fire arm into Mexico? A 24Ē shotgun ainít exactly the ideal dove gun.
    This story is finally starting to get some well-deserved coverage and support. At first glance I thought why would anybody drive through Mexico, with a gun, to get to CR, especially with all the violence you hear coming out of that country? Heck, even his parents tried to reason with him.

    But then I realized this guy served our country, saw stuff in the warzone that would make a day at the office seem like nothing, suffers and has attempted to control his PTSD, does not drink/drugs, and apparently finds his calm and sanity out in the water. He legally declared his weapon at the border, not trying to hide it. The rush and excitement of planning for a trip like that probably made him feel more alive and normal again, and they were going to go no matter what, in spite of the dangers they potentially faced.

    His brothers in arms must be livid that a fellow Marine is in that hell hole, chained to a bed. Our representatives need to get this surfer who served our country out, and out now.

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    why is that people think that US laws and justice apply to them when they go to a foreign country??? huge props to military guys but this guy was just plain stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RID View Post
    The only way to drive to Costa Rica from the US would be to go through Mexico. I personally am not a pro gun person though so even though this seems completely bogus I have little sympathy, why bring a gun in the first place. Guns tend to cause problems not solve them.
    Read: My personal ideologies keep me from having a humane thought for those who do not follow my ideology.
    Pretty dogmatic, RID.

    So, should he have properly researched the laws of each country he was passing through? YES
    Should he have relied on the advice of a US border agent (one step above a 60 IQ rent-a-cop)? NO
    Should he have attempted to hide the gun and not mention it to the Mex border agents? YES, YES and YES! Those folks only see money when an unknowing gringo steps into their territory, it probably boils down to him refusing to pay whatever bribe the border agents wanted.

    Bottom line, his treatment in this whole situation does not match the offense--the embassy should be throwing some more weight around. No one should be chained to beds in solitary... especially someone who has put their life on the line serving our country and has PTSD as a result. The poor guy is probably going to be ruined forever now, Mhacksico has gotten it's pound of flesh. Do those of you who have no pity for him for whatever reason think this treatment is just?

    I've mentioned before that I used to deliver boats here and there to make extra money in HS and college. I have met and worked with scores of "Passagemakers" in the process: people who have done the Great Loop, Trans-Atlantics and Circumnavigations. They all... ALL have at least one gun on their vessels. Is there a chance of it ever being found by another country's official? NO! Are these people missing teeth, wearing a ten-gallon hat and shooting off into the air to express any emotion they have (you know, the stereotype the anti-gun crowd likes to purvey)? NO! Do they have it because (unlike an ivory-tower, resort-going blind to the rest of the world and cocky average American) they realize that on the open ocean in foreign waters PIRATES (gangs if you are on land, but they roll in speed boats now) do exist and are more ubiquitous than the average American realizes? YES, YES and YES!

    Going into the Mexican frontier and through many remote parts of Central America is just as much "going into the wild" as being 100's of miles from any land or civilization (which is why you should bring a sat phone at the very least), it's not like being in a "wild" destination at or near a resort on an average surf trip--not even remotely. Few people understand how alone you or even the small group you may be with are because they have never been in a situation like that before.

    Anyway, I'm just trying to say I understand why he wanted to bring a gun. Some people will continue to think about an ignorant and romanticized "Surf Journey to Central America, BRAH!" like its going to be care-free and funny--a la Bill and Ted where you may get into some sticky situations but you'll find a clever way to get out of it... hell even Socrates may help you out too... Some people, on the other hand, understand what can really happen and do what they can to prepare.

    Bottom line, they should have taken a boat...

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    My friend drives to Nicaragua ever summer from the East Coast. Mexico is by far the worst part of the trip. He was chased for over 50 miles one time by bandits...they were trying to force him off the road. Never stop he said...just keep driving. There are parts where it is like the Road Warrior down there. But other times he has never had a problem.
    They need to free this American. He's being held on a local BS charge. Apparently the gun is legal to have.
    For every day he is held we should deport a thousand illegals that are here in the US.
    The double standard is ridiculous. If you are found living illegal in Mexico you can be jailed for a long can't get an ID like the US, you can't work, you can't own property. Uncle Sap caters to Mexicans....

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    You don't need sympathy, call it as I see it, complete bull, the police could have confiscated it or turned them around. Why didn't US customs warn them? odd --I've been to Mexico (when I lived in SoCal or work in AZ) and the police can be pretty corrupt and usually paying your way out of a bogus ticket or charge gets you a pass. Maybe they are pissed at the US for the fast and furious scandal, who knows, his release is probably going to cost his family thousands $$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    A 24Ē shotgun ainít exactly the ideal dove gun.
    Big, slow ground birds, like turkey... or a slug gun for deer or bigger game... like bandito.

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    am i missing something? when he went to the american/mexican border the mexican authorities took the gun and arrested him. So technically was he ever carrying an illegal firearm in Mexico?