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    HOTLINE WETSUITS! spend the extra bit, i last have a 5/3 hooded it has lasted 4 yrs thus far and its pretty much my year round suit except summer time when i drop to a 4/3 occasionally the 3/2

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    I just picked one up. I have used it 3 times in the last couple of weeks in Rhode Island. My initial impressions are that it is just as flexible as the 4/3 I have. So far, no issues with warmth. Have been out for over 3 hrs each time and could have stayed out longer. We'll see how it handles February, but right now I think it could get a lot colder and I'd still be fine for a couple of hours. There are warmer suits out there, but I think it is a good compromise between flexibility and warmth. Price is not insane compared to some other winter suits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurfer42 View Post
    love mine! picked it up last year & it's super warm & super far the most flexible winter suit i've ever worn. .
    Me too, chose the 4.3 E-bomb due to more flex and stretchy over the heavier Flash Bomb; the "E" doesn't feel like a 4.3 either, liked it so well, replaced my older 3.2 with E-Bomb 3.2. If ya do multiple daily sessions recommend a dryer for the E-Bomb while the Flash does dry on its own as they advertise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meatloaf View Post
    spend the extra bit
    Lmao! This coming from the guy who low balls the crap out of anyone who posts a board for sale in the classifieds!