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    Quote Originally Posted by patgeds22 View Post
    but i wouldn't mind knowing what you think i should be looking out for once i get them back and start using them
    Yeah I agree...quick turnaround is nice. I guess I just meant that one of the ways to do a repair quick and cheap is to rush the process, not dry the board out if its damp, overly rely on UV cure resin, etc. Especially tough to get good repair conditions this time of year when its cold and damp out, and repairs like to be done warm and dry.

    After a few sessions, see if any resin is flaking up or off near the edges of the repaired area, is the repair slightly browner or yellower than the surrounding board? Is cloth weave showing on the repair or nearby? Are there cracks, cavities, pinholes, bubbles in the repair? These could indicate a repair that isn't going to hold up.
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