Hey everyone,
I'm looking to buy my first fish and need a second opinion on the dimensions.
I'm 5'5 and 160lbs. I surf primarily small, mushy waves. I've been surfing for about a year. I'm thinking I will need around 6'0-6'7. 21. 2 5/8-2 3/4?...I currently have a 7'10. 22 1/8. 3 1/8 funboard and a 6'5.19 1/4. 2 1/2 shortboard. I want something more maneuverable than than the funboard. I have no problems paddling the shortboard, but I'm assuming I'm either to big or don't enough wave power/ ability to catch the wave's speed because I slow and sink when I hop up on it. Will the dimensions I picked work for me? Thank you