Hey guys, I had a couple of specific questions about a few of the breaks i'm looking to hit up when I go to Puerto Rico early next month.

The three breaks it looks like i'm going to be mainly interested in are Surfer's Beach in Aguadilla (about 3 - 4 min drive from where i'm staying), Sandy Beach and Maria's.

I've used the search function and read a good amount about these three breaks so i'm pretty well versed. Here are some additional questions though:

1. How do the trade winds interact with Surfer's beach? The location of it seems more north than west; is it blown out like the other northernly spots by 10 AM?

2. Piggybacking off the first question, for the more northernly spots (like Sandy's), are they always good early? Looking at the wind reports seems to show that the trade winds get on it even at sunrise, so I'm curious as to how often it won't be blown out / how long during the day it's clean.

3. I've surfed maria's once so I know there is a deep spot in the reef that comes right off the road that makes an easier paddle out... what about Surfer's / Sandy beach? Are there easy to spot channels in those spots? How's the paddle out on bigger days?

4. I know parking for Sandy and Maria's is pretty straightforward, how about Surfer's? I haven't been there yet, It looks like from the videos that I have seen that there's a bit of a dirt road to access it.

5. What kind of waves will you find at these three locations? From what I've read, Maria's is kind've a right point, (when I surfed there it was like 3 feet) sandy is a beach / reef combo left and Surfer's is a mushier point right.

Any other general / local knowledge of these three spots would be great. I like to be as well informed as possible before jumping out into a new break.