I have a 6'8\" Rusty epoxy Predator board in gray. The nose has been repaired and I am looking to get some spray paint to touch up. Surftech can't get the spray to me for a month b/c it has to be shipped from Hawaii and it is considered hazardous. Took me 10 days to get some touch up with the brush in from CA.<br /><br />None of the Surftech dealers that I spoke with has the Tuflite gray in stock. Although I did not talk to anyone up in NJ. I am located in VB. <br /><br />Anyone have any suggestions on what to use as an alternative? I hear that there is a BMW gray that is pretty close match but I am not sure which one. Would I buy an enamel paint? I am just not sure. I was considering going to a Sherwin Williams Automotive store and get their opinion on it. <br /><br />I really want to match this spot on b/c I will most likely sell this board soon. I will post it on Swellinfo in the classified when I do. <br /><br />Thanks, Marsh