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Thread: Wetsuits

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    Looking to buy a new 5/4 and some gloves and not pay a whole lot.. anybody know some good websites that have deals? Cheers

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    rip curl E-bomb 5 mill wit hood only 340 and its proubly the warmest/strechest wetsuit out there

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    If you would consider a used wetsuit, I have an XCEL Infinity Drylock hooded 5/4. Size Medium-Large.

    It was used all of last winter, not this winter. I will be having ear surgery this week, can't surf the rest of this winter, and need the cash. The suit is in very good-excellent condition (always rinsed and hung up inside after use), and is the warmest suit I've ever owned. I'm 5'9" 155 and it fits me a tad loose but good. Paid $300, would like to get $150. Southern Delaware.

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    Thanks mitchell but that is a little bit too small for me, any input on gloves?

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    dude, not to channel matt, but the hyperflex amp is a super stretchy and warm suit... check it out! I have a 5/4/3 and it is warm and way lighter than my old 4/3

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    Just ordered a Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/3 from They called it their top pick for best wetsuit under $200, and they're selling it for $20 under MSRP ($160).

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    Yeh. find a suit from last season. I used to do that when money was tight. Now I have the Xcel 4/3 hooded drylock. Fantastic suit. Also booties and gloves from Xcel. Love the grip and very warm.

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    As far as gloves and booties, Xcel drylock is top notch. Def the warmest Ive owned.

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    agreed with whiskey millitia. Bought two suits cheap. I added their pop-up item bar to my work computer and they cycle through all the "deal" products. You just wait for the wetsuit you want and grab it, then uninstall it when you dont need it.