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Yeah, ive been looking for local stuff since I opened up a restaurant/bar down here. I currently carry Palmetto IPA, Lager and Amber (Out of Charleston), as well as RJ Rocker Patriot Ale (RJ ROCKER is out of the columbia area I think)... But the main local stuff down here is sweetwater etc. Out of Atlanta, which isnt very local...

But seriously, if you guys can put me onto some solid local beers from SC, I will try them out and get them in my bar this week. Ive been looking local for a few months without tons of luck... Random sh** that no one knows of doesn't really sell unless its outstanding and I can get the staff behind it.
Well, Westbrook is brewed in Mount Pleasant (Charleston) and COAST is out of North Charleston. Local always sells in the vacation spots here. I know our burger joints on the islands blow through Westbrook IPA quickly. The owners are my close friends, if you ever need some info. Palmetto is our oldest brewery in Charleston, but their beer is so-so. They make an excellent espresso porter, and the pale ale sells well. Palmetto is pretty popular in SC, just because they have been around forever. Advintage distributes Westbrook, so I know you should be able to get it. They also distribute COAST, but you have to get on a waiting list for their beer. They are very small and have trouble keeping up with demand. The owner is a surfer, so you would probably get along with him. Where is your restaurant going to be?