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    I f##king love this forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    I f##king love this forum!
    I love lamp

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    Yea everythings gravy. Just dont give anyone an opportunity cuz theyll take everyone they can get. N yea buddy is was nice to see u. Ive been workin my ass off but we got some decent swell during the time u were round. And yall didnt have any problems did u?

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    Zagaffer u shld kno i like pissin on the forums by now. Its all in good fun. Delawaredale met me n he can back it up. Im not a **** i just like gettin a kick

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    get over it

    Quote Originally Posted by S-T-R-E-T-C-H View Post
    Nothing is safe other than ur mothers tits. Piss on the cops **** the locals n trash the beach. Its all u yanks do downhere. Stay home we dont need anymore lost idiots asking about the reef n scared to talk to the locals
    Like Puerto Rico is some pristine island and we "yanks" have F ed it up. It would look like Haiti if it were not a US territory. I only go for the surf, and I have never trashed the beach. Sorry dude, I live at a tourist beach. It pays a lot of peoples bills.