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Thread: ?! Going Off !?

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    He did lose his board. I have no idea why he wouldn't have swam in when he lost it. He was stuck way outside kind of floating around. He was kind of close to a jetty so maybe afraid to swim in near it?

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    No other boarders offered some help? Since I'm not exactly sure what happened, I'm not trying to pass blame, but it seems kinda heartless to let some dude float around for two hours in the cold water risking hypothermia, and not offer some type of assistance if you're close by ... no set of waves is ever THAT good ...

    Edit: Is this the story? ... Looks like he might have been surfing alone? From this video I don't see anyone else in the water with him.
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    Plenty of beat downs and close out barrells is what I saw. Oh yeah, freezing cold too. Guess that's epic in NJ though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by salt View Post
    that looks violent. F that. good on you if you surfed that.

    What this dude said.

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    In re: the f'u'cast.....Solid call yesterday.

    In VB: the f'u'cast was a complete miss today from CRO to North End; nearly ludicrous, in fact.

    Go ahead .... shoot the messenger.

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    yankee, you're absolutely right haha. it was pretty fun except for the closeout sections. had to swim to the beach more than once to get my board. damn leash kept getting yanked off (no pun intended). today was damn near flat

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    i have been in central PA since Thursday (girlfriends birthday trumps surfing apparently) and was watching the surf cams on my phone the whole time. Just got home and wish i never logged on to this site. looks like i missed a fun one

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    Looks like Bayhead was solid.

    Manasquan mighta been a little better, just picture the same wave without all the foam and spooky whitewater.

    We've had some good swells in our lifetimes but just about everyone that went out agreed, Friday was the best we've ever had it.

    Thursday's lookin like round 2..maybe even bigger
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    Also heard that guy who got picked up on the heli has to pay a fine of $5000 for getting picked up hah..I woulda just told them to drop me down a Gatorade and let me be

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    Couple waves from Squan on my good buddies go pro