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    Hey Ryan.. There is error in this video. Please check it again and post it here...
    I wanna see this.

  2. Ryan im sorry for being so negative about your video ... ive just seen so many videos and when the camera is shaky its a total deterrent from watching them ... and I am kind of a music snob but my apologies and didnt mean to offend you

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    Don't apologize, your comments were justified and I was not offended

    The music was horrible, the camera was shaky. Didn't have the camcorder, and the Nikon Coolpix has given me some focus problems ever since dropping in the sand, go figure That, and it was going off at the moment, so my priority was not on the footage, but rather getting on it asap.

    So please, keep the negative feedback coming (aka turn that damm Go Pro around, music, etc), I view it as constructive criticism.

    PS: I originally deleted that video not for your comments, but rather how I originally edited it, with all the names listed in that tragedy up in CT, including both Lanzas. It was my bad starting to feel for this killer and his family upon hearing of all his sensory processing and social-emotional issues, which I was viewing as a tragedy in and of itself, and that alot of his issues can be helped and overcome through various therapies, that is if they were offered, available, or declined by his family? Would it have made a difference, who knows? I would like to think so; But there's no excuse for what he eventually did to those innocent children and staff. I was thinking and overthinking this tragedy so much that I lost focus with the evil act that he commited. Perhaps I will just stick to capturing footage, and just that for now on.

    Hope to see some paddlers tomorrow down in Ventnor. Saw this on Surfline today:

    Thanks Kane Brewing for the donation this evening:


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    Great Video. I have enjoyed many of them.