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    when your too deep,that means your in the part of the wave,lets say the middle,and its sucking off the bottom and theres no way to make it because its too hollow.theres plenty of different ways to get tubed,but jersey is fast and hollow and if u dont make the drop u get pitched.its like tryin to get barrled in a closeout,not gonna happen.u gotta get into the wave early,or drop in on the shoulder.and that extra paddle is the difference between making the wave or going over the falls.gotta be committed and have confidence.everyone eats it
    Thank you!

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    whoever stated to keep your head down, its good advice in certain situations. i have a bunch of chin pressure dents/head down style, for when i am trying to make a wave that i am a little behind on. if i dont need to paddle as hard, or in the sweet spot for takeoff, i find that the arched back (keeping the nose from burying) is a good way to go!

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    Maybe scoot up a little on the board... Also on flat days you can go and paddle try and rebuild some of the muscle in your shoulders. Most of all just keep trying you wont get back into it if you don't keep going

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    I have no advice for you, man, good stuff has been said. Paddle hard, get in, get out. Time will set things straight.
    But, I do like your video. Nice stuff, could be anywhere around here. Later I watched My Time video and that was really good. Dancing on the water, dancing on the stage.