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    Good second board

    Hey everyone. I have a quick question. Last year I bought my first board a Bic 8'4. I am looking to get a new board this season. What would be a good board to get to progress to the next step. I def want to get something lighter and i'd like to go smaller too does anyone have any goog suggestions on brand and size?

    Thanks so much!

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    Next board

    If 15 people answer this thread you'll probably get 15 different answers but here goes. First, you didn't give your stats as far as age, height, weight etc. so it's kind of hard to give you good advice. I would suggest something around 7'-0" +/- with a fairly wide profile up front and throughout. A fun shape board so to speak. Extra foam gives you more paddle power and helps you get into the wave sooner which makes your takeoff easier. Width gives you increased stability but may reduce your turning ability depending on the length. Perhaps something like an epoxy Waldon Mini Magic at 7'-0". The epoxy boards are very durable and lite weight. There are many different brands and sizes of fun shape boards available. Go to your local shop and tell them what you've got, what experiance you've had on it, and let them make some sugestions. Don't go straight to the high performace short short board right away, it will only make your learning process longer.

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    also makes a difference where you surf which you didn't mention...thats why visiting a local shop where you surf makes sense.

    cost is a factor...the 7'0" waldon mini magic tuflite mentioned above is good advice but could set you back at least $600 new.

    A used funshape in the 7 foot range will be just as good for you and this time of year there are probably a couple dozen sitting around OC for around $200.

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    Or. . .

    . . . you could really save money and get a used sponge.
    Just out of curiosity, what led you to buy a Bic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieInOC View Post
    If 15 people answer this thread you'll probably get 15 different answers but here goes....I would suggest something around 7'-0" +/- with a fairly wide profile up front and throughout.
    Funny. I actually agree to a point. Around 7' is definitely a good step to get the performance you want without seeming to foreign to what you are used to. Although a Mini Magic is a sick board, one that I have recommended in many other threads from experience on one, I would not recommend this due to its shape. A mini magic, while it rides very aggressive for its shape and maintains the noseriding ability, I don't think can be appreciated without more surfing experience. I would recommend something like a 7' 0" Kechele 'Pug Performer'.

    This was my first board that I learned on and I still to this day use it in surf knee to head high. It paddles easy and catches great (although not as well as the Mini Magic). I think something like this will give you a more aggressive, shortboard-like feel that I think you may be looking to progress to without giving up the thickness you may be used to.

    I think something in similar shape to the Kechele Pug would be a great investment both short term for learning and long term in versatility and providing you with a different riding experience than you are used to. After riding this for a while, then I would possible recommend the Mini Magic. I think a board like the Mini can only be appreciated after a few years of experience on other boards because it solves many problems that one experience after various, advanced riding experiences (noseriding, maneuverability, paddling, etc.)

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    just go get a bodyboard..I mean makes sense so when you don't have anything but a shore break you can go out still..Even a cheap one so you still have an excuse to leave work early or leave the chores till later

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    I had a board 8' 2" to start .In a year I got a M13 Channel Islands "used" and I love it. I talked to people and they pushed me toward this and it is perfect. I only use it in bigger surf waist and up but it is a great board. I would suggest to try something similar to this board for the next step.

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    aapl- These guys hit the nail on the head. 1) Its difficult to recommend a board without your age, weight, height, experience, style, and where your surf. 2) What direction do you want to go- stay with a long board style or get into short boarding? 3) A fun board would be the next logical step (assuming you want to go in the short board direction). It offers more maneuverability than your hydro-tank but still maintains stability and an easy take-off.

    I would recomend that you stay away from a retro fish as well. They are very popular around here and a ton of fun, but they can be a bit quirky and hard to control for an inexperience rider.

    Don't get caught up with getting a 'name brand' board like Channel Islands, Walden, Firewire, etc. They are great boards, but you pay more for the label and your probably not experience enough to appreciate the performance advantages.

    Anyway thats my $.02. I'm located near Bmore so if you want any more info/help send me a PM.