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    Anybody surfed Nova Scotia?

    Hey guys. Trying to eventually make it up to Nova Scotia sometime in 2013. I was wondering if anybody has been there and could recommend certain areas. Not looking for any specific break, just a general area where i can find some seclusion and decent rides.

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    I've nevewr been... But I know last months Surfing Mag "The East Coast Issue" did a piece on Nova Scotia with dane and Craig Anderson. It looks sick!
    I'd check it out and see if they named any towns they were in... It was one right point after another

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    dont go there

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    I've heard from reliable sources that it is getting more and more crowded every year. It's not a secret anymore, just long drive for crowded surf with difficult access.

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    ive been there . just drive up there especially now it is worth it crowds are light this time of year. not gonna dish out info on a website its all p[retty obvious anyways with a bit of interenet research. good luck. its a ***** of a drive the ferry from barharbor closed now

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    Where is NS Surfer? We usually have a guy here on the regular that lives up in NS and could help you out.

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    Yes. Go. Explore.

    Remember you're a guest.
    Drink the local beer.
    Start in Halifax... but don't gamble all your money on night #1... and hit Argyle St.... HARD.
    There's more to the place than fantastic point surf.
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    I surfed it, pretty awesome near Halifax.

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    i appreciate the replies everybody, thanks!