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    Longboarding near Connecticut

    Hi Everyone,

    I currently live in philly and do most of my surfing in jersey. I am moving to the Norwalk Connecticut area in the beginning of the summer and am looking for the closest prime longboarding spots. Any suggestions? I don't know if NY/Long Island or up in RI/Northern NE would be better.

    Also, any ideas on how cold the water is up in New England. Its not too far from jersey, but i have seen photos of people wearing wetsuits in late summer. Any insight on how long I'll be comfy in a 3/2 fullsuit?

    Thanks a ton,

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    Long island isn't a longboarding spot...All spots break fast...the takeoffs are all steep and i've seen my fair share of longboards snapped in half...well, Gilgo Beach is an exception...that place iz longboarding heaven, and every kook in the area surfs there...oh yeah, DITch plainz is Longboarding heaven actually...u'll LOOOOOOVE that place...

    water here is ridiculous...u'll b in that 3/2 year round basically...water temps can drop 15 degreez overnite in the SUMMER! crazy...i'm in atleast a 3/2 year round, just to be comfortable...if u have alot of fat on ya, u might be able to trunk it certain times of the year...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kman View Post
    u'll b in that 3/2 year round basically...water temps can drop 15 degreez overnite in the SUMMER! crazy...i'm in atleast a 3/2 year round, just to be comfortable....
    Not quite K-man.....Maybe a 3/2 from June until October but for the rest of the year your going to need at least a 5-6 mil full suit hood, boots, gloves. Water is warm enough to trunk in July and Aug when the waves will be poo anyways aside from the occasional TS/cane swell.

    Your best bet for longboarding is RI and if the swell is right make the drive to NY or Jerz. Make sure you have a fuel efficient vehicle because you'll be racking up alot of miles driving to find the magic longboard spot. Best bet, meet some locals wherever you surf and get a hook up with a place to crash so you can hit up those DP sessions. Good luck.

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    strongislandbber Guest
    Newport R.I. , first and second beach good longboarding first beach has a very flat wave and basically a longboard is the best bet there...

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    yesterday would have sold you on Block Island, we pulled off 4 hrs(2.5 first sess, 1.5 second) shoulder high and good for a 4' fish up to the 10'6" my buddy was riding

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    connecticut/rhodeisland border
    yeah totally 15 degrees over night your full of $%% dont worry about it in the summer u just need a rashguard and boardshorts but late septemebr is when you need to take the 3/2 out and good longboardign spots: matunuck,point judith, and narragnsett are your best bet i dotn realyl want to tell you where i surf because its already full of kooks

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    Keep comming east, Block Island has great longboard breaks, even the fast steep breaks have good sholders to come in at more of an angle. depending on the swell direction we've got two long (read as get out and walk back to the lineup) beach side breakls, no more than 20-25 yards from shore. I'm on a 9' for my main board and drop to a 7'6" when it gets to steep.

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    Hi JD,

    I'm assuming your quickest route to surf is going to be the rhode island area, which gets lots of good South swells, but is protected a bit from the NE swells.
    The great thing about the Rhode Island area is that you have south and east facing breaks, so that when the winds are W, you can hit the south facing breaks and when the winds go N, you can hit up the south facing breaks for clean surf.

    The eastern part of CT, can actually get some surf with the right SE swell, but in general there are plenty of good options for longboarders in rhode island, such as the naragansett area.

    hope that helps.

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    hey Bronelson, *&^% YOU! No one likez the Hate Parade...there's no room on Swellinfo 4 negativity...

  10. Ri

    I'd recommend RI. I lived in New Haven for awhile and our go-to was RI. It was about a 2 hr trip typically. Point Judith seemed prime for longboarding with some other "secret" spots around there.