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    SoCal Trip

    I'm going to San Diego in mid January and I'm hoping to get in a little surfing while I'm there. I'll be in both San Diego and Santa Barbara... What kind of wetsuit gear should I bring? And are there any mellow spots I should check out in particular? I'll probably surf at Black's but I don't know where else. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    3/2 will work. Wind and Sea is pretty mellow. Tons of places. Black's would be considered heavy if it's big.

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    Mellower than Big Rock, LOL! Seriously, surfed it a few times and every time it was almost logger hell. Try Tourmaline then for mellow.
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    Trestles, 3.2 no boots.

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    I am headed there last week of January. PM me after you get back to let me know what you find out, I know nothing of the area and would appreciate any feedback you can give.

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    Windnsea nor blacks are mellow what so ever at anything over 3-4 ft fyi.

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    I just got back from a trip to San Diego Christmas Eve. We spent most of our time between Blacks, Windansea and Oceanside. If you are looking for a mellow beach i would check out the OS jetties if you are up that way. There is an amazing sandbar right off the south jetty that was popping out long point style waves at 6ft. Even at 2-4ft the sandbar is really nicely shaped, steeper left runners or really long right walls.

    If you are staying near DT san diego i would go to one spot BLACKS!! We surfed there pretty much everyday, that place is the best spot in SD for sure. Windansea is generally really localized and difficult because its just one peak and very crowded, however if it is really small everywhere else or crazy blown out and windy thats the spot. The swell has to be a pretty high period (>12 sec). The reef likes those long walls to bend into A frames despite the bad conditions (wind or small swell)

    Here check out a few pics from blacks/oceanside

    Photo Dec 19, 3 24 37 PM.jpg
    Photo Dec 20, 6 23 01 PM.jpg
    Photo Dec 20, 6 26 15 PM.jpg
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    I would recommend a 4 mil to be honest... I always rock a 4 mil in San Diego from December through about april... No booties... but since you said you are going up to Santa Barbara... Bring booties... its COLD up there... Hit Rincon while you are up there....

    As far as SD, surf blacks for sure, but if you are a really competent surfer, you should do yourself the justice of surfing a good reef. Pick any LJ reef from Wind N Sea to Hospital..... Check them all and pick one... They are super heavy and quiet difficult if its over 3-4 feet or so, but those are for real world class, shack every time waves.... But as far as "Mellow", none of the reefs are mellow down in LJ and the city... Stay up in North county where the crowds are more peaceful and a lot of the guys are older... North county is basically where all my friends move once they get married and have kids... slower vibe, still fun surf... But everything North of LJ misses a lot of the heavy swells from the NW.... OC and LA and the island blockage hinder the wave sizes.... So stay in LJ and south if you want to go big... Then like I said, hit Rincon all day one day if its working... You can basically drop in angle your board and get barreled even if you are a novice... Its tough to get waves there... big crowd with good surfers....

    Have fun... rock the 4 mil.... =)

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    rofl @ windansea being mellow... SD has so many options, but i'll just agree with everyone and suggest you go to blacks. there will be a crowd in the lineup but it's spread out with plenty of waves. watch out for those canyon sets =) if it's classic and the crowd is maddening, try scripps pier just south of there.

    if you're looking for more uncrowded options, your best bet are the beachbreaks throughout pacific beach and mission beach. if it's too big, try the north county beachbreaks in carlsbad or oceanside. if it's really really big, check out coronado if you have the time or hit swami's in encinitas which can handle just about any size.

    i typically use slater's armor configuration for southern california - 3/2 with 3 mil boots, sometimes 1.5 mil gloves if it's around dawn. 4 mil will work too if you're used to the added weight and restriction. o and stay away from storm drains and rivermouths if it has rained recently...

    also, to act like a local, just make sure you stare a lot, if you know how to give the stinkeye that's even better. have fun!