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Thread: 5'10" Pier Pony

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    5'10" Pier Pony

    I haven't been surfing much due to a nagging back injury and I don't know when or if I will be able to in the future. Stock 5'8" dims and a creatures tail pad. Two dings both well repaired. Will include a 5 fin set that I will put together tonight and post. Pics tonight too.

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    Where are ya, mate?

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    Board is in NJ.P1000589.jpgP1000582.jpg

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    Rail ding, nose ding, dimsP1000586.jpgP1000587.jpgP1000584.jpg

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    250 cash especially since its got repairs

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    Thanks, mate. Too far for me.

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    i was just getting ready to order one from inlet outlet but i wasnt decided on a 5' 8" or 5 10,if yours is still available i would jump on it in a heartbeat,pics look in wall township

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    Still available. I will pm you some contact info.

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    sweet im frothing and i have cash

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    so pumped to ride this stick,looks like im cursed with flat spell for my greed though,litterally not even a bump out there-thank u myaxmatosis
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