So, below is a twitter picture link showing my damaged sharp eye disco. My truck burned to the ground on my drive back east. Some boards are gone completely, some are lightly damaged and a few we're completely saved.

It may be hard to see, but this board suffered from heat damage. It's water tight, but there is a 1 foot area that is partially delaminated all the way to the rail. I'm going to have to cut out the whole area all the way into the rail. The foam feels intact.

I'm just looking for advice to keep the structural integrity of the rail. Should I cut the glass off the rail all the way up to the top deck side of the board? Or should I just cut partially into the rail rail and mend the new glass to te rail. I just want to make sure I keep it as cemetrical as possible? Got a new power sander for Christmas, new resin and powder/ hardener with a 10 square foot sheet of glass. Ready for action.

Usually would take this to Joe Roper, but no longer in San Diego. No professional repair guys on Hilton Head. No surf shops down here even carry repair kits or equipment. Talkin this one myself. I've done tons of repairs before but this is a major patch job into te rail on my favorite board. Gotta get it right