i go to ucsb, am from new jersey, surf all the time and love it. you cant look just into wanting to surf 24/7 bc you know the truth is there arent always waves. but if thats your only factor then you have to look at consistency. more consistent look to either san diego for the warm water or santa cruz for the cold water. santa barbara gets world class waves all year but not as consistently. but when they do, theyre along 300 yard point breaks and are the best rides youll ever get. what else do you like to do though? san diego is not really that much fun until youre older and able to go out to bars and clubs legally. santa cruz is full of a level of hippy pot smokers you will have never even thought existed. and santa barbara has a little of everything but mostly a crazy drunken party scene on del playa drive which is right on the beach. all of the UC schools are pretty hard to get into from outta state but they want your money! i had a 1850 SAT and a 3.6 gpa and i got into ucsb. if youre not the best at school and want to move out here look in to the community colleges here. theyre much more academically challenging than the ones on the east coast. id suggest venture community college.

ps. try to get a car out here if you plan to surf alot. you will be chasing the swell alot to find the best size and conditions and that could be a pretty far drive.