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    Slater Sweeps Australia!!

    Slater comes from behind to win Bells Beach!! That makes him the winner of both Australia contests and the WCT leader going 2 for2. You've gotta know the younger guys are thinking "WTF how do you beat this guy". I'm hoping he gets #9 this year!!!

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    I can't believe anyone can be that good for that long at anything. Not to mention there are so many fantastic young surfers he is competing with. I think we all want to see how many more titles this guy can win.

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    I know it sounds crazy, but for the longest time I had no idea what was so special about Kelly. I would see all these other more stylish surfers tearing it up and think, "what about these guys." Then I watched "Letting Go" and it is easy to see why nobody can beat him. He has the greatest sense of placement on the wave, where to really hone in the power to his advantage. Where another surfer would have to pump 4 times to either get through a flat spot or make a section, Kelly would either be in the perfect position to not have to make any turns or make one power turn and be on to the next section. It's hard to realize how good he is sometimes because he makes it look so easy.

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    This slater section is sick:

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    Quote Originally Posted by goin_retro View Post
    I would see all these other more stylish surfers tearing it up ...
    ??? IMO Kelly's got some pretty serious style.

    style is what has always set Kelly apart for me...he doesn't bust the hugest airs, but seems to always know what the wave is going to do so he can connect everything together with style and almost make it look effortless..
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    haha the man has it all... style and huge moves, did you not watch the final at bells ? he won with a huge double grab air...

  7. Not Quite the Sweep

    I believe the Rip Curl Search event is scheduled for Gnarloo Station in West Oz later in the year. But he could win that too...

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    Kelly will win the overall tour this year...but just watch what happens when dane wakes up and delivers. he will take charge soon!

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    that video of Kelly from Campain 2 is crazy but like OBlove said Dane is even crazier. Go watch First Chapter and you ll be blown away by Dane's surfing.

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    Dane is definitely one of the best surfers in world right now. But he stills getting adjusted to the tour. He gets too frustrated in heats. I think it will be another year before he makes a real title run.