Hi i have been surfing for a couple of years now and up till this summer I have been using a 8'0 foam longboard and it was just too much i need to get a short board. So i ask people for advice and me not knowing much about shortboards i bought my tall friends 6'2 shortboard 18 9/16 width and 2 1/4 thick for $235.I am 16 years old and 5'5 i surf new jersey in the summer and rest of the year new york(rockaway and long beach) the 6'2 shortboard i have, i have been getting many comments that its not the right board to use for waves like 3-5 and its for monster waves like 8-10 or something.I didnt know when i bought it in the summer that it would be too big for me, i only got it because i was coming from a 8'0 ft long foam board and i wouldnt be used to a shortboard. After having it for 5 months my friend tells me its just ruining my surfing potential and shouldnt be using it on smaller than 7-8 waves. My other friend just told me he has a channel islands al merrick that is 5'7, 19 inches wide and 2 3/4 thick. its practically brand new and he just bought it 2-3 months ago and used it a few times. It has not 1 pressure, no dings, its white and has 1 fix. He got it from a local surfshop in new jersey that was a custom order for a stock dimensions thats around $800 but since hes my friend and wants me to improve much more and use a normal size board for all around waves hes going to sell it to me for $470 with good medium Future al merrick fins brand new in the package a leash and stomp pad included. and i want some advice if i should get it or what height board would be good for me. Some people tell me to get a 5'9 or 5'10 and i dont know what to do.

Here are 2 pictures the board with green wax on it that says Dane on it is my 6'2 shortboard and the other one is my friends 5'7 channel islands Al Merrick
photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg