Im looking to get a looser board, one which i can use up to head high that is small enough that i can do my sharp cuts but long enough that i wont slide out of steep waves. Im six foot, 170 pounds, and i ride a 6' 4" boneyard in pretty much any surf. Would a 5' 10" firewire suit a more aggresive style of surfing, or would a sic foot three inch firewire get the job done in 2-8 foot surf? What size shortboard should i get- i rode my cousins five foot six inch firewire and it felt like a skateboard it was so loose, but i felt it couldnt support me in larger surf (waves were 3-4 feet). Also if anyone knows anything about LOST surfboards and what size or dimensions would suit an agressive surfer who is in NJ. Thanks!