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    Do you get out if spot shark up close ?

    So my 3 buddies and I were in about hip deep water, shooting the breeze and about to paddle out, the water was gentle and real clear that day , and a shark about 5 foot, swam by us 4-6 feet away from us. So we got out, stood on shore about ten minutes, got tired of waiting, went back in and had great 2 hour session and no more sightings.

    So I was wondering, do you bother getting out? I know sharks are always there whether you see them or not, so is it pointless to get out if one comes up so close?

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    I used to do exactly the same thing... get out, wait, then go back in. Now, unless they're chasing bait, I just stay out.

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    happened to me two summers ago down on topsail in snc.. shark breached right next to the pier and scared the crap out of me and a bunch of others.. 20 minutes later another one breached about 20 ft from me just inside of me... scared me even more.. i'm thinking if i catch a wave i might be right on top of the thing on the inside.. stayed in for about a half hour longer but wasn't having fun anymore bc i was so spooked

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    During the late summer they show themselves a lot down here, and I (and many others) have always kept surfing. It depends on what kind and how big of a shark. I see one thats spooks me and I wont push my luck, I'll split

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    Yeah..... Same deal. Be cautious with your surroundings, get out and assess the situation. Most of the time (up he in jersey at least) they are just mistaken for giant sunfish.

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    usually, if you see a shark, it has already decided not to eat you

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    If it's a small shark I'll probly stay out...Comes from surfing New Symrna. Had about a 7-8ft shadow come right at me on a small day once in FL, I stood on the sandbar and had my board ready to shove between me and the shark if he decided I was on the menu. He got within about 6ft of me and turned and swam away parallel to the sandbar. Got out of the water for about 15 minutes and went back out and had a blast.

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    unless its a leopard shark or something or something under 4-5 feet, im getting out. Have surfed in a feeding or maing frenzy of leopards before, with the biggest being about 7 feet and a bunch of smaller ones. Leopards are bottom feeders pretty much not capable of a bite, so we were cool with it and had a blast, but they sat on the inside in the reefs. You could see like 20 dorsil fins just sticking up splashing around, so we would pop over the back of the wave as you approached the inside reef.

    But yeah, now that I live in low country, if I see one, I can't imagine not heading in for a bit.

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    under 4-5 feet ??