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    Quote Originally Posted by surfbueno View Post
    you'll also be logging onto 5 times a day, this site is the best, creation of local hero tony butler
    Hahaha true that its a great website. Also has a great live cam. Anyways wrightsville IMO is the best for uncw students because its closer and CB usually has like the same conditions. Though the waves aren't great or anything they can sometimes get pretty fun and the water is warmer than obx. If one of your friends is from here and/or has a boat you can check out masonboro or some other barrier islands that can pick up a nice little wave. You prob won't be able to surf mase alone with friends but some of the other places you can. I'm in a 4/3 gloves and booties right now. Last winter you could get away with a 3/2 but maybe not this go around... Yep you'll have fun

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    never go to Carolina beach all of your **** will be robbed. I only use a 3/2 cause im not a ***** but whatever. make sure you drive the speed limit at Wrightsville, cops wont hesitate to pull you over. goodluck at uncw

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    dude you dont want to come here. the dead of winter sucks. everyone is crazy and the surf sucks plus the Town of WB will find anything to give you a ticket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bensurfn View Post
    never go to Carolina beach all of your **** will be robbed.
    Don't come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    Don't come back.
    Gladly, think ive been twice, sucked both times

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    What about the coeds?

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    Congrats on getting in to UNCW! It's a great school in a great location. I'm a former Seahawk too. The waves pick up during hurricane season like the rest of the east coast and it's nice and warm. Like already posted, things to watch out for are the cops and locals. It's easy to get off to a bad start with either. Respect is the name of the game.
    The beach has a chill scene with bars and clubs. Dive bars are fun and unassuming. Downtown is pretty vibrant with clubs and the movie industry.
    My advice is to find a place to live East of S. College Ave and closer to the beach. Traffic can be jammed up and getting to the beach seems like forever when you know the waves are good. I lived on Wrightsville Ave. Also, the year I lived on Wrightsville beach was my worst semester for school. I never went to class because I had salt water on the brain.
    Have fun!

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    You will have fun at UNCW. If you stay through the summer surfing wb gets near impossible, not only because of lack of waves but also because of an abundance of kooks swelling the beach in the summer. My advice is to drive to some of the surrounding beaches or make the trip up to OBX conditions permitting, wrighstville can get really crowded both with both ends of those surfing spectrum (those that aspire to be pros and snake every wave, and those that yo-yo their boards and will drop in on you without realizing). Its surfable on average about 3-4 times a week here, decent maybe once or twice a week, and good a few times out of the year, if you know where to look though you can usually find a wave. WB is only 3 miles long so the crowd tends to be the main factor.

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    under the pier
    pure gold has great drink specials

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    Congrats on UNCW I hear its a good school, although not very prestigious due to the newness. Nothing like chapel hill or duke, may be less desired of the 3 when getting a job. As far as surf colleges in the us, I hear its number 3!

    As far as partying goes, there's not much going on. I never hear about any band or dj's throwing mad parties. I also don't hear of any party promoters or record labels in the area. If you want to party... I used to work at UCLA and that place parties! Monday-Sunday! You got Hollywood, Venice, downtown, the list goes on forever. I also was in Orlando and UCF parties... Downtown Orlando, east side, hard rock live, house of blues, + Miami is close, as well as new Smyrna!

    As far as wetsuits I like a 4/3 here in Wilmington if you only have one. The water goes from 80 down to 50 or less. You will need 3 mm boots and gloves. I have only been here for 4 winters and when I got here someone said it didn't get that cold... It snowed the first 2 years. In my book coming from Florida then Southern California... That's f'n cold cold!

    I find it pretty racist here also. Rarely a day goes by that I'm not made fun of for my race. Someone even said Asians don't surf hahaha... I guess he's never heard of hawaii or Japan. I'm constantly asked if I know Bruce lee.

    I'm only here because my wife loves it. It's literally my hell.