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    poor Rob Machado.!

    Is it me or does he complain a lot about having to hang out in exotic places and surf clean perfect warm water waves.
    Right after this came out, he went on tour with the band that did most of the soundtrack. He played at the Norva in Norfolk Va. I got in free and it was well worth every cent. They had footage being projected on a screen overhead. Stuff not good enough for the film under exposed and small chest high waves shot at a weird angle. the band was tight but hardly rock and roll.
    From what he said at the beginning, Hurley paid him to spend a year in Indo.

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    Why the Hate? Dude absolutely kills it! Definitely my favorite surfer. He has such a sweet style to em. Like he isnt even surfing a wave. Almost like he is just gliding on air. Maybe I'm not interpreting what your trying to say.... But WTF is the second post!? LOL

    P.S. I would definitely like to check out his band. They sound pretty dope.

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    I saw the same show in Asbury Park a few years ago with some friends. I enjoyed it... nice evening to just chill and listen to music and watch surf videos. Reminded me of home surf movies and a mellow garage band. But I have a lot of respect for Machado. His surfing is very stylish and creative... he rides anything and makes it look easy... he does what he wants to do and is who he wants to be, and if the corporate types want to exploit that, and he can make a living through it... well... how cool is that?

    He's a contest caliber surfer with a free surfing attitude. Remember the high five that cost him a world title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    I saw the same show in Asbury Park a few years ago with some friends. I enjoyed it... nice evening to just chill and listen to music and watch surf videos.
    was at the same show. thought it was pretty cool. what made it even better was the surf before hand. what an amazing day of surf that was!!!!

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    I think y'all are just jealous of his fro

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    "the drifter" was such an emo cry fest. I was worried he was going to slit his wrists on camera or something.

    They released another disc of the actual surfing footage called "drifter sessions" which is much better.

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    I wish he never made the Drifter. Crying about everything. of a pro surfer is so hard. Wahh my phone rings too much. I lost alot of respect for him after that...even though he kills it.
    Meanwhile he was surfing Nihiwatu at the end of the film, an exclusive resort wave that you have to pay $800 a night to stay at to surf. Waahh

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    The Mayhem vids are so much better than the modern emo surf films.

    Hurley (NIKE) film crew: "Ok Rob, we want to get a shot of you looking out at the sunset here while crying and writing poetry...."
    Lost Film crew: "OK, so who is going to set this goat on fire?"

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    I wasn't saying he didn't rip. When I used to have vacation time, I'd save all year to pay for 2 plane tickets for 9 day's in paradise. We had free places to stay, but the credit card was strained by car rentals etc. It was well worth every penny. I'd return refreshed, stoke and anticipating the next years trip. I guess I'd have a different attitude if it just given to me.

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    Always thought Machado was a little turd. This movie confirms it. Doesn't mean I don't like the way he surfs, but someone needs to pick him up and put him down hard. Agree with Lee above. Emo cry fest for sure.