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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    How much for the khakis?

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    This is an amazing board. It's really worth the money people.

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    Khakis come free with the board. Hole in the crotch.

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    Ok. Tired of trying to sell this board. Make me an offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DKennedy View Post
    Very few people, if any, looking to spend 500+ on a board are gonna spend it on a used board....even if it is "like new"

    Youre asking to much, regardless of the condition, that's why you haven't sold it for the past three months

    Good luck

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    $50 CASH lemme kno

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    Bro, the board is sick, but its obviously way overpriced. We are all sick of seeing it. Drop the price significantly or take it off this forum and leave it on Craigslist.

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    you got it surfsolo. pm me. thanks for not being a **** on a message board. not a joke. board is yours.