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    East Coast Rising – A Surfer’s Tale of Hurricane

    Will Skudin, New York Professional Big Wave Surfer and Long Beach resident, recounts that: “…after surfing the biggest waves I’ve ever surfed in New York, I was watching my cars floating down the road, watching my dogs swim around my living room.”

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    Good video, THANKS

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    Great Video. Please help those in need!

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    Great video and well made. It's strange for me to see so many people that I knew growing up looking really old, lol. I can't believe what happened to Island Style, I heard that the whole business district in Seabright was wiped out. Derfs shop has been there since I was a little kid and would come off the beach to touch all the boards on the rack. When I was a lifeguard in Seabright in 1984 I would cash my check and go into Island Style and put a little money every week on a board and was finally able to pick it up in September just in time for a Hurricane. That was a great memory that happened right there in the shop that is now destroyed, poor Derf.
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