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    Webber mini fish

    I had a chance to ride a 5'9" or 5'10" during a recent trip to Aquadilla.

    The board originally had a twin fin set up with giant fins. I think that is how it comes from the factory. I did not like the look of those giant fins and installed a conventional tri fin setup (fcs).

    In waist high or less waves, the board tended to not have much drive, but in surf up to overhead, it did very well for me. Anyone else ridden this model board? I would have liked to try it with two conventional fins in a twin fin set up with a smaller trailing fin, but did not have a trailing fin. Another thing about the board that was unusual (for me), was the deep double concave in the middle of the bottom. I suspect this contributed to bogging down in very small waves (compared to a typical fish), but was not a problem in bigger waves. All in all, for surfing Middles, Secret Spot, Surfer's and even big Wildo's it was pretty fun.

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    soooooo your point? or question is....?

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    soooooo your point? or question is....?
    Anyone else have an opinion after riding this model board?