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Thread: Kayak repair

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    Kayak repair

    I have a plastic ocean kayak and it has hole on the bottom of it. It is not that big of a hole but still takes on a alot of water. Anybody have any knowledge on how to fix it?

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    BONDO-GLASS. two parts, really easy. mix, shove into hole, sand.

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    Depending on the size of the hole there are several ways to patch/repair it. For small round holes use a piece of HDPE welding rod and a small torch or heat gun. Most repairs can be made this way. If it is a crack drill a small hole at each end of the split and wield it using the same method of slightly melting the edges of the split and heating the rod to melting temp. and working the tip of the rod along the crack to fill it in. For larger cracks and tears use a ribbon or patch piece of HDPE (high density polyethylene). melt the surface of the plastic on the boat and the surface of the patch and lay them together making sure the two pieces are melted together all the way across and beaded at the edges. You can find several videos on YouTube. Good luck and happy yaking, Wil