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Thread: Tim Nolte

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    Tim is a very humble and mellow guy who builds some great boards. Got a few from him back in the 90's when I lived in Va. Beach. Great shapes at a reasonable price.

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    Just sold a 12 foot board made by Tim. It surfed great, was well glassed and held up very well. I would definitely recommend his boards.

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    I have ridden a few of his longboards are they are great

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    The first board I bought, from a craigslist ad, was a 9'4" x 22 7/8 x 2 3/4 Tim Nolte performance longboard thruster with a hull bottom. I love that board, it was my go to all the time for NJ small days and even when I moved to RI last summer. My best surfing bud liked it so much he had Tim make one for him -- but to suit his size (he's 6'4"). I finally retired it this winter, but Tim is making me a new one at 9'. It has a rounded pin tail and a nice rocker in front. You can't hang ten on it, but it catches in steeper stuff and turns nice and quick for a big board. I really love its versatility. Can't wait to get my new one. The old one . . . someone will get lucky if the snag it down in Narragansett.

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    He learned from "the ever elusive" Mike Doyle. He does good work. He saved me once In '95, when Doyle left me hanging on a board (wouldn't glass it) with a week before a CR trip. If you can get one, try a hull bottom. that was the kind Doyle didn't finish. he was doing boards of some space age polymer that he'd put in a giant real a meal and vacuum the air out
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