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    Costa Rica or Puerta Rico for surf trip in February??

    I am planning on going on vacation from Feb. 8 - 13. Planning on either Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. For CR, my wife and I am looking at Tamarindo area but nothing is nailed down. For PR, I was looking Rincon. I am an experienced surfer but my wife has never surfed but wants to try surfing.

    Any suggestions for either or? PR is a little bit cheaper from the looks of Also, I do plan to rent a board rather than take one with me. Too expensive on Delta.

    Also, what is surf like near San Juan? We'll rent a 4x4 for wherever we go so we will be mobile.

    We are up for either but I am leaning towards CR. She is game for either. I am blessed with a pretty cool wife.


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    Theres going to be A Rip Curl ASP 4-Star Pro In Puerto Rico February 6-10, 2013 at Jobos Beach, Puerto Rico. so they if you were going to that beach you wouldnt be able to surf it since they would only allow the people in the competition but it would be great to watch it

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    If she's never surfed before, I'd head to Tamarindo,...easy beach break for her,..then there's several spots that may be better suited to what you may want just a paddle across the river mouth, or take a short ride to Aveonnes for a reef spot.
    Also, Tamarindo will be "wife" friendly--shops, drinks, food, sun, and good vibes. Plus, a short drive to Liberia to plane and rental car----try Vista Villas, Moose runs the place been there for years---everything you'll need even board rentals ---Corky and R.A. use the place for r&r and surf school. Aloha, Randy

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    I have a place in Jaco/Hermosa Costa Rica so I you know where this one is going....Hands down Costa....way less people and more beautiful. Been to PR you can have it. There is so many awesome breaks in CR and the food, people, and country are awesome! Do yourself a favor and go experience the \"PURA VIDA\" way of life and catch some awesome surf in the process. I totally agree with Randy too as far as having your wife with you. My friend owns a house in Playa Grande, which is right across the river from Tamarindo...15 minute walk, 20 minute drive/ check it out:

    Not saying stay here but gives you an idea of the area. Let me know if you have any questions! I love turning people on to the Pura Vida life...

    If Spirit Airlines flys to an airport near you, that's where you want to book a ticket. I've been flying to CR for over 9 years and this is by far the chapest airline. Just booked a ticket for the month of June for $390. $500 is average though.

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    Definitely go to CR. I have travelled to both spots with my wife who is not a strong surfer and to this day she still hates PR. Most of the best spots in PR are reef and she was not thrilled with the thought of touching the bottom. CR on the other hand has tons of spots to learn and the people and country are awesome. I personally prefer the Nosara area. Has consistent beach break great for learning and some stots in the area that are more challenging faster breaks. You can fly into Liberia and it's about a 2 hr drive. Another spot would be Santa Teresa but it's a little harder to get to.

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    Been to CR 2 x once back in the late 80's and just last year went to playa grande. I'll take PR over CR any day of the week. JMHO

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    Eventually you need to go to both, so figure which is cheaper and go there first if money is tight. If you go to the right spots at the right time you'll score waves in either place, and find waves for her in either place. Both are beautiful, both have waves, both are cheap, you'll love both. I say this, but there are several differences, but not that significant wrt a surf trip.
    Check lots of airlines, not just Expedia. I know that Airtran has direct flights from Baltimore (guessing you're on east coast) that you can only find on TACA for Costa Rica I believe and spirit. Delta is sometimes cheaper on their site than Expedia. Also, airtran seems to have a good $50 each way policy for as big of a board bag as you want.
    You can find hostels in either, or check vacation rental by owner and the like for rooms (
    Personally, I've been to both and next time will probably just look at both and figure which is cheaper.
    The one nice thing I'll say about Costa Rica is that if you are willing to spend the time, you can find more remote spots, less crowds, and more of an adventure if you want. I don't think 4x4 is necessary in either location, but there are spots worth going that 4x4 is a better choice, especially if you want an "adventure".

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    Feb = PR .

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    Definitely CR. Will be much easier, cleaner for a beginner and the waves are great right now, if you are more experienced. If you need help with lessons, boards, lodging, travel, etc, let me know. I am in Santa Teresa now and run a guide service up and down the coast. Happy to help, PM me...
    I also post a daily video surf report if you want to check out the surf.

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    I would agree with those that mentioned CR. Esp. the Nosara region due to the mostly sand bottom. This will be far easier on a beginner. The reefs around PR would be a challenge getting in and out as well as when she wipes out and touches the bottom (lots of urchins in the cracks), and generally the sharp rocks past the beach sand can cut her feet and even worse if she would slip. Also, there is a good possibility of large waves in PR in Feb. I was just down in PR last week and we had a beginner girl with us that attempted to jump off the rocks at Secret Spot. She did not time her jump with an approaching wave and ended up taking a hard fall, getting multiple cuts and bruises not to mention breaking off a fin from her board. All in all, she was lucky she did not get slammed into the rocks by a big wave, still, it was nasty experience (and unnecessary) for a beginner.