I've only been to Rincon PR, but it's perfect if you go to the right places. I highly recommend staying with Bobby at Mar Azul Surfshop, he's got a private villa that is safe and secure and pefect for a couple. http://www.puertoricosurfinginfo.com/

If you choose to stay here, it's walking distance to Sandy Beach (although we drove), which is where we spent most of our time (8 days), it's mostly a sand bottom, but if you want to surf a point or reef, you can find one right next door. My wife and I love it there and will definitely be back soon.

It's ideal for a beginner but it's not limited to, It was anywhere from 1-2ft on small days up to 8-10ft on the larger days. My wife got to do some paddle boarding and some swimming, while I paddled out alone on the larger days and she kept a close eye on our stuff and the car.

After surfing there is a great beach bar called Tamboo you'll love. Right in front is a nice point left off the rocks you'll dig, it was barreling when I was there, such a fun wave!