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    I've only been to Rincon PR, but it's perfect if you go to the right places. I highly recommend staying with Bobby at Mar Azul Surfshop, he's got a private villa that is safe and secure and pefect for a couple.

    If you choose to stay here, it's walking distance to Sandy Beach (although we drove), which is where we spent most of our time (8 days), it's mostly a sand bottom, but if you want to surf a point or reef, you can find one right next door. My wife and I love it there and will definitely be back soon.

    It's ideal for a beginner but it's not limited to, It was anywhere from 1-2ft on small days up to 8-10ft on the larger days. My wife got to do some paddle boarding and some swimming, while I paddled out alone on the larger days and she kept a close eye on our stuff and the car.

    After surfing there is a great beach bar called Tamboo you'll love. Right in front is a nice point left off the rocks you'll dig, it was barreling when I was there, such a fun wave!

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    So, it looks like CR is winning out. Looking at car rentals. I have read that it is best to rent in Liberia at the airport. I did some searching and there is a lot of insurance cost, mandatory and otherwise that is added on to the "Base Cost". Any comments on that?

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    Hey Marsh,

    Forget this stuff ... Pacific coast of Colombia all the way!

    (this is an inside joke ... please no flaming)

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    The last thing you want is a bad experience for your girl...

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    Dont leave anything in the car that you want to be there when you get back... I love both places, but the petty theft in CR is off the charts.

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    All you need is the basic insurance...This car rental is in Jaco...
    I know its not where you heading but I've delt with them for 8 years and they INCLUDE the cost of insurance in their car rental prices so you can compare the prices with the rental companies at Libera vs Zuma. I know Warren at Zuma personally and they have some of the cheapest rental prices in Costa Rica. Check out ADOBE car rental...they are a costa rican company based at Liberia and San Jose airports...other companies include common names such as Thrify, Hertz, and Avis. Do some comparison and you can save a ton! Good luck!
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    Car rental in CR are ripoffs.

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    Definitely CR but stay away from Jaco. It is very seedy there and not a place to take the wife. Tamarindo is a good bet.

  10. PR no brainer. Rincon is beautiful. It is truly a paradise. gas is dirt cheap, food is amazing. More spot variety in rincon than on the north shore.