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    Pay for waves right on the beach, 50 yards from actual surf, in Mission Beach, CA. Their beer selection sucks too. To each their own I suppose. Never has looked as good as the real thing to me, so Iíve never tried it.

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    Ok, everyone is ragging on pool surfing but when was the last time they looked at their actual wave count. The flowriders are just lame and arent like surfing at all, thus, they arent worth the money. The last I spoke with the owner of Skyventure surf pool, she mentioned they have the option for a 6ft standing barrell that you can use your actual board (unlike flowrider which is similar to a skim board). She mentioned she will be charging 40 per 30min session. I would gladly pay $40 in the middle of winter to score warm barrells without having to go through all the effort of a surf trip. Prime example is, most sessions your wave count is low, most of the time your waiting, paddling, battling. It will never replace actual surfing but will i buy a session....damn right

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    people spend insane amounts of money to ride down hills on skis and snowboards. whats the difference?

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    How can anyone even be remotely 'OK' with this. Yes maybe the concept of getting a perfectly set up tube ride in warm water is appetizing...but its man made! The most amazing experience that embodies surfing is that it is a small natural phenomenon that the ocean creates and we as humans manipulate. Finding that perfect wave is easy when you can pay for it, but actually seeking and finding a perfect wave with the right tide, offshore wind ect.. and SCORING it where your ride sinks up with a natural oceanic wave. Thats bliss. There is nothing better.

    The unpredictability the ocean throws at you will make you a better surfer then going to a figgen them park to pay for a wave in Missouri (Insert non-coastal town)

    This could potentially ruin the sport we love.

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    Dang I wish there was a "like" button... Preach tha gosple Graffer!! Well put!

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    This is nothing new. I read about this years ago. I like the idea. But how expensive is it and who is going to fund the these things?

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    That is NOT surfing. Just like being on the Queen Mary is not sailing. They should call it Water Riding . It's totally not surfing and I bet Slater knows it.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead

    Inspired by Za talking bout them Hawaiians and missionaries and burning wave sliding sticks. Side note: Myspace still exists.

    "They might have taken your land...."

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    Quote Originally Posted by browndog14 View Post
    120 visitors a day at 100 a pop is 60 grand per week..just saying
    84k if open on weekends..

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    Meh. Won't change my life at all. If they built one close to me and there was a flat spell, I'd go check it out. If some landlocked grom from Ohio learned how to ride barrels in a perfect (and warm) computer made wave, he'd get a pretty serious reality check paddling out in a hurricane swell in a 4/3.

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    I wouldn't be phased by this one bit in the least. Who cares? Is this any different than indoor climbing gyms for rock climbers or batting cages for power hitters? I don't think it ruined their respective sports. I don't remember the exact quotes from North Shore, but something to the effect of, "Just because you can shred wave pools in Arizona doesn't mean you can surf Pipe brah". Just because some land-locked kids will get to try surfing, and maybe even learn to rip the machine waves, doesn't mean they'll be taking over your local break. And for guys who surf and do this its just another tool to practice. They put a flow rider in near my local break and I barely know its there. And I don't know how close this is to the coast, but maybe it will help thin the already crowded lineup at the wall.

    As an aside riding mountains most definitely does have soul. Just because you have to pay to get on the lift doesn't make it soul-less. I mean you have costs associated with surfing too right? IMO, getting up early for first tracks after a foot of snow or cruising through untapped backcountry has the same kind of soul as getting up at 5 am for that dawn session when everyone else is alseep...