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Seriously? Can you please provide sources for all the "stats" you quote.

I'm not arguing that illegal immigration isn't an issue that needs to be addressed (I don't think it's "the real problem with the country"), but how exactly do you go about arresting illegals? Ask anyone who isn't white for their papers? Maybe we can just hire some old Stasi officers from WWII Germany to start this program. In NYC, if you're arrested and undocumented, you are immediately referred to ICE. Arrested...not convicted. You could be an 18 yr old kid whose family moved here when you were 3 and be wrongfully arrested and then deported. Sounds reasonable, right?

We need immigration because our population growth is slowing. Without adding to our population, we won't be able to afford the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Deporting all illegals would cost much more than giving them resident status and getting them to pay taxes. Sensible immigration reform is needed, but don't look for it from the current cast of buffoons we have in Congress.

And by the way, hundreds of thousands of illegals are deported every year - http://www.ice.gov/news/releases/111...shingtondc.htm
The south park episode was funny but in reality they are taking jobs. People were making a higher wage at skilled trade jobs. Companies hire illegals at a much lower rate. The people have a life based on their cost of living and a higher wage. They can't afford to take the lower paying job. So there are forced to go on employment or other social services (welfare). The illegal is working under the table but still able to get free housing, welfare, etc. That illegal is a huge tax burden and has made the skilled trademan a tax burden. You can probably search PBS for the show. There are also stats all over the internet and just a little common sense.

The people who aren't against deporting illegals or not allowing them to have services paid by us are the ones who benefit from them (own company hiring them or there corporation is affected by an industry will make larger profits because of illegals).