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    buy all three of them. Construct a raft. Become pi.

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    Get yourself a used longboard and surf every day in every condition. Waist high waves will be 'big' to you in the beginning. By the time you're able to surf 'big' waves you'll be ready to ride a shortboard.
    Stay away from NSP's and foamies cause you'll get no respect in the lineup just like here in the forum.

    Shape Your Surfing Experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClemsonSurf View Post
    As long as you get an Al Merrick you will Fn rip anything. I'd go ahead and buy a ticket to Bali now. You've made it dude.

    What kind of shell necklaces do you have? Don't skimp on shell necklaces or else you're gonna suck at surfing.
    +1 Dont' forget to slap a bigass Salt Life sticker on your nose. Everybody is doing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlrouen View Post
    +1 Dont' forget to slap a bigass Salt Life sticker on your nose. Everybody is doing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 17ak View Post
    I understand that it is hard to learn on the shortboard if you are a begginer but I still think I can because I already skateboard and longboard on land.

    My choices now are: Flyer II by Al Merrick, MSF by Al Merrick, or The Strange by Al Merrick

    Thank you for all the help!
    If it makes you feel any more confident, know that virtually every beginner between 1980 and 1995 learned on some sort of 80s thruster shape not that different than a flyer, before fun shapes came around. Its hard, as many worthwhile things tend to be.

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    17AK, I found this very helpful video for your review.

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    Sean White said it best when he said that you don't just surf. It is much different from everything else. Where as everyone and their mother can probably say "I skateboarded" or "I snowboarded", surfing is a different animal.
    You don't just do it once, and if you do, you haven't surfed. It takes time to learn to even do the most basic things.
    It is not something that you will do every once in a while, or else it is not something you will ever be any good at.
    And sorry, but I personally don't think skateboarding, longboarding, or snowboarding will help you out at all learning to surf.

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    Dont forget you have to protect your skin too, use plenty of Banana Boat tanning lotion...