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    Quote Originally Posted by Carson View Post
    You're not a very sharp tack, are you?
    apparently not haha

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    I left one booty at home today and didn't realize it till I got to the beach...big mistake. If I had to choose, I would wish that I had forgotten my hood.

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    so in all seriousness lol........hood or no hood this weekend??

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    There were a few people out yesterday (late afternoon / evening) with out a hood.
    I had mine on and was quite warm...I was actually steaming when I took off my suit after a very fun session.

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    you can go without the hood all the cool kids are doing it...but seriously ive been out for the last week and half almost everyday without a hood and everybodys sucks when you eat it and take a few...but its worth it most of the time.

    "Rule #341if your the only guy in the water with a hood..just get out"-Surfing Magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by conljw View Post
    i have been rocking the 3/2 all winter with no hood in jersey and have managed. you be fine with out one but it will suck a bit if you get tumbled after a wipe.

    Don't see how you can even say that. No hood???? I'm in NJ and my boy tried that this weekend with the temp being in the 70's. Needless to say he threw up in the water got out and threw up some more. I'd say still rock the hood in NJ if you get hot just pull it off for a bit then put it back on. It's april folks NOT may.

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    Right now central Jersey is at the transition stage.
    We need hoods and 4/3's some days,but can be down to 3/2's with no hood on others.
    Air Temp,Sun and Wind play a factor.
    Swell,waits between rides,paddling,and mostly how much you go under are other factors.
    How thick and warm your Boots and Gloves are is important,too.
    It's changing so much that within two months we'll have days without wetsuits.

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    i didn't wear one this Saturday or Sunday and i was fine except after ducking under a few waves in a row.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    Have you guys tried Doc's Proplugs:

    These have a liny little whole in them, which allow you to hear better.
    I actually ordered some, but have yet to try them out.

    just wondering if you got a chance to try these out yet. if you have - could you hear well with them?

    had my hood on for the first time this season and forgot how much it sucks not being able to hear as well w/ the hood.