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    Yep, Aquadilla town. School Yards, Bridges, Rompeolas. Was just down there. When Wildo's was DOH, Aquadilla
    was chest to shoulder. Get out early to avoid the crowd, or catch the evening session, right before dark.

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    Just watch out for poo in the lineup. Schoolyards and Bridges are filthy when it rains as all the runoff from Aguadilla drains into the bay. They can also get pretty crowded, particularly Bridges but on the DP should be fun.

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    NOTE: The LOLA data in the "Detailed Regional Forecast" and "Surf Height" sections below is keying off of ENE trade swell that WILL NOT IMPACT NW PR. As such, please disregard this info and always remember to use the human, written forecast as the final word (colored boxes and written discussion at the bottom of this page). Our technology teams are aware of the issue and working on a solution. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.
    What do you think about this moderator? You guys are showing the swell and their models are showing it but they are saying it won't hit. I know a NNE swell will sometimes wrap in as long as there is more N than NE.

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    Gas chambers!

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    There isn't west in it to get it into the bay so I highly doubt gas will go off but I could be wrong. I'd look in aguada....

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    Maria's on Dec. 23. It wasn't so much the size of the waves that made things difficult, it was getting through all the soup from the waves.

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    Yeah that's when you have to head down to steps and paddle out, work your way North to the point. Tough going.. Auguada was probably good.