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Yes it's with NASA. I'm an engineer and I've found there are not too many engineering jobs in the Delmarva area that are very interesting. Initially I'll be in Dagsboro at a small place my parents and I own, but it's a long commute from there and I'll probably get sick of my parents coming down every few weeks. But it will give me time to explore different places like pocomoke, Salisbury, Berlin, chinco etc before committing to a place to live full time.
If anyone is part of the "chinco crew" I'd love to talk with you and get connected to that community.
Oh also, I drive on to assateague from the Maryland side all the time, is the permit the same when you drive on from the Virginia side?
I imagine most of the people that live down there are with NASA.
I'd try to find some contacts within NASA to get a hold of.